Another Idea to Travel in Sri Lanka

I traveled solo through Europe in 2009 and it was an amazing experience. You learn so much about yourself and you will meet people. Reasons For Solo Travel You can do what you want to do, when you want to do it. If you’re traveling in a group, everyone has their own opinions…

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Native Sri Lankan Food- Hoppers

It’s Hoppers (Aappa)

Being a south Asian country in the Indian subcontinent many cultures, norms and believes are clustered among Sri Lankans. All these values nourished the Sri Lankan food culture, more specifically by Sinhalese and Hindu practices.

Hopper is a half globe, concave shaped easy breakable food. Made in a small wok and cooked in few minutes. The paste is very thick and bitter taste due to fermentation cultures. Hopper paste/batter is made out of mixing rice flour, salt, coconut milk and palm toddy (yeast) with water. Hoppers are customized by adding Egg or Honey, give a different flavor. Food is readily available around the country at most of local food shelters.

Hoppers have a famous companion with “Lunumiris”, which a ground red chilies and salt paste. Making a Hopper is an Art and It comes from generation to generation.

Do not miss to taste a Hopper at your next holiday in Sri Lanka !

Sigiriya, The Lion Rock Kingdom

The Palace on the Rock !

Located in the middle of Sri Lanka, near to one of major archeological attraction Dambulla. I never miss this place in my tours, since guest should realize the ancient technology of ancient Sri lanka. The palace is located on the rock above 200 meters, shaped of a seated Lion-Singhagiriya in Sinhalese. Rock is in a mid of reserved forest and surrounded by a trapped pond. Water carved ponds are still functioning for ages. Sigirya is famous for it’s frescoes on the wall – Bithusithuwam and Mirror wall- the waxed wall writing. Sigiriya was a capital in Sri Lanka in the ages of King Kasyapa, with many village settlements around the rock.