About Jera

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Travelling is all about adding experiences to your life diary. Something exciting, memorable and pleasing. Sri Lanka is an island with full of natural resources, simply a treasure. Out of all these you have to refine what you should exactly see, do and rock within two or three weeks of time, I call it your “Must Assortment”.

How do you find your best “Must Assortment”?

Very straightforward, by “Experience”. More than 35 years, spend with guests from around the globe. Bringing them the best “Must Assortment” is my secret of having lasting friends out of guests. Planning a highly customized and personalized (tailor-made) travel plan is time consuming, it deserved. Imagine..! to give you a maximum as possible, comfortable, safety and memorable (exciting..), within Boss given short holiday? Wow…it’s crucial. 

How Planning becomes crucial…?

See..Sri Lanka is a garden full of vivid flowers “experiences”, I have to pick the best flowers to make your bouquet of flowers to your desires. It’s different Nature, Culture, Heritage, Adventure, Relaxing,  experiencing…etc. This is why I want my guests to unveil their true desires, ideas and expectations. So..I believe tour plans should be highly customized, personalized one to one. 

So Why me, Jerard (Jera Walks)?

Simply, to take care of your “Must Assortment”. With my experience, insights, knowledge and practices I know “How to plan your best assortment” up to your desires. I don’t have pre-designed plans or itineraries, can show you only what I’ve done for some of them, examples. Why..? it’s pointless to take you through someone else’s plan. Even more I do present different options for accommodation, meals, budget, excursions etc..

As I always insist, Sri Lanka is a treasure for travelers, full of experiences to add to your unforgettable memories. Tough is “Must Assortment”. 

Let me do it…….!