Kandy, Dalada Perahera

Kandy, the city citadel of great philosophic leader Buddha’s tooth relic is proceeded. Kandy known as the utmost devoted city among the buddhists in Sri Lanka as well the worldwide also dedicated as “World Heritage City” by UN.

Kandy Dalada Perahera or the procession is known as the glorious and greatest occasion dedicated to Buddha’s tooth relic in Sri Lanka. In the month of August (from end July) every year the procession has been happening from the known time of Kings. Presently the overall Dalada Maligawa (The tooth relic temple) is governed by two great monasteries Malwathu and Asgiri along with Diyawadana Nilame (Represent the King). The Perahera takes place for nearly two weeks of the time (Time schedule), during the period Kandy city seems really busy with all preparations.

Perahera is colored with number of elephants who are dressed with lights and traditional suits. “Nadungamuwe Raja” is the one who proceed the tooth relic in the procession in  a special golden casket called “Dalada Karanduwa”. This is the only place in Asia where you can find such number of docile elephants.


Moreover the Perahera is comprised with number of traditional and native events drummers, flute blowers, fire ball players, various dancers and many more. Kandyan Dancer is an iconic symbol in Dalada Procession representing Sri Lankan art of up-country dance. If you are a smarter photo shooter “Dalada Perahera” is one of the great event and a location to capture one of the best photographs that you have  ever taken. If you are visiting Sri Lanka try to catch this memorable event in August.


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